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As cases begin to rise and the federal and provincial governments start to impose new restrictions and once again ask Canadians to stay home, what’s going to happen next year?

What government benefits will be available to those who get sick with COVID-19 in 2022, have to stay home to take care of a child or family member, or whose job must close because of public health restrictions.

To help you navigate post-CERB Canada, here is everything you need to know about what government help is available to you in 2022. 

Note: If you have COVID-19 or think you might, please refer to your province or city’s public health measures. If you have questions about the government assistance available to you, please visit the Canadian Government’s website, here.

What Government Help Is Available If I Can’t Work Because I Get COVID-19 In 2022?

The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) is available to employed and self-employed Canadians who cannot work because they have COVID-19, must self-isolate because of COVID-19, or who have health issues that heightened the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

How Much Can I Receive From The CRSB?

You can receive $500 ($450 once taxes have been withheld) for a 1-week period, for a total of 6 weeks (previously it was only available for a total of 4 weeks).

Will The CRSB Be Available In 2022?

Currently, the government has introduced specific legislation to extend the CRSB until May 7, 2022. With the possibility of extending it even further until July 2, 2022.

What Government Help Is Available If I Can’t Work Because I Have To Take Care Of Someone Who Gets COVID-19 In 2022?

The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) is available to employed and self-employed Canadians who cannot work because they must care for a child (under the age of 12) or a family member. Eligibility includes if the child or family member is sick, self-isolating, has a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19, or if their school, program, or facility is closed because of the pandemic.

How Much Can I Receive From The CRCB?

Your household can receive $500 ($450 once taxes have been withheld) for a 1-week period, for a total of 44 weeks (previously it was only available for a total of 42 weeks).

Will The CRCB Be Available in 2022?

Currently, the government has introduced specific legislation to extend the CRSB until May 7, 2022. With the possibility of extending it even further until July 2, 2022.

I Can’t Work Because Of Government-Imposed Restrictions, What Do I Do?

The government has recently proposed a new income support benefit called the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit. This assistance is meant for workers who are unable to go to work because of a specific government-imposed public health lockdown.

How Much Can I Receive From The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit? 

Currently, the only information available from the government states that Canadians will be able to receive $300 per week.

Will The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit Be Available in 2022?

Yes, this benefit will be available until May 7, 2022, with the option of retroactively applying it to October 24, 2021. It’s possible the government will extend Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit until July 2, 2022. 

Are There Any COVID-19 Financial Support Programs For Low-Income Earners?

The government is expanding the eligibility requirements for the Canada Workers Benefit. The CWB is a refundable tax credit for Canadians who have an income below certain thresholds. Depending on your income level and family composition, you can get up to $2,400.

Income LevelFamily CompositionTax Refund
$32,244 or belowSingle Canadians with no childrenup to $1,400
$42,197 or belowSingle earner with childrenup to $2,400
$56,197 or belowDouble earners with childrenup to $2,400

What Government Help Is Available In 2022 For Businesses Still Affected By COVID-19? 

The introduction of Bill C-2 by the government on November 24, 2021, extended the Canada Recovery Hiring Program until May 7, 2022. Eligible businesses with current revenue losses above 10% can now also receive a subsidy rate of up to 50%.

Targeted Support

As mentioned, the Government of Canada introduced Bill C-2. It is meant to provide support to businesses in industries that were more affected by COVID-19 than others. They’ve created three programs under the bill to help foster the recovery of these businesses: 

Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program

Businesses in the Tourism and Hospitality sector will receive support through the rent and wage subsidy program (up to 75% subsidy rate). 

Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program

Businesses that have suffered significant losses due to the pandemic will receive support through the wage and rent subsidy program. Businesses that fall under this program will receive a subsidy of up to 50% under both subsidy programs. 

The Local Lockdown Program

Businesses facing local lockdown due to COVID-19 will be eligible for the maximum benefits under the wage and rent subsidy programs. The amount of losses you incur does not matter, you will automatically be eligible for the maximum benefit. 

Are There Other Government Benefits and Programs For Those Affected By Covid-19? 

Refundable Tax Credit For Teachers

To help teachers provide their students with the best education possible during the pandemic, the Government of Canada has proposed enhancing the Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit. The proposed changes will allow teachers to claim 25% (up to $1,000) of supplies purchased. Items eligible for the refundable tax credit are also expected to expand to include more electronic devices and tools for remote learning. 

Aid For GIS Recipients And Students Affected By CERB 

Many GIS recipients who’ve received CERB payments have seen a reduction or total loss in their benefit amount. This has caused much financial hardship to vulnerable seniors in Canada. To help alleviate some of the financial pressure, the Government of Canada is proposing a one-time payment to GIS and Allowance recipients who received the CERB payments. The exact amount each individual will receive is yet to be determined. 

Extension Of The Temporary Flat Rate For Home Office Expense Deductions

Since many Canadians continue to work from home due to the pandemic, the Government of Canada has decided to enhance and extend the simplified home office expense deduction: Temporary Flat Rate Method. Canadians can now claim the temporary flat rate for the tax years 2021 and 2022. Moreover, the amount you can claim on your tax return has increased from $400 to $500 per individual. 

As A Student, Do I Have To Repay My CERB If I Was Not Eligible To Receive It? 

According to the Government of Canada, a number of students have received CERB payments despite not being eligible for them. This means many students will face massive repayments which can cause financial hardship. As such, the Government of Canada is looking for ways to relieve students of this debt. Currently, they are proposing that students who received CERB while not being eligible, can use the CESB they would have qualified for to reduce the amount of money they owe. 

Are There Any Government Programs For Live Performance Workers? 

Workers in the Live Performance sector have continued to face financial hardships due to the numerous restrictions on gatherings. To help support the workers in the sector the Government has proposed a temporary program called the Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund. The $60 million funds will be used to help individuals in the Live Performance sector as well as the industry’s economy as a whole. 

Bottom Line

While the economy has been recovering, the Government of Canada understands that both workers and businesses still continue to be impacted by the pandemic. As such, they have proposed new support programs and enhanced a number of pre-existing programs including the CRCB and the CRSB. 

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