Understanding Mortgage HELOC Rules

By Lisa Rennie
Published on February 7, 2023

Thinking about taking on a HELOC to cover an expense? Be sure to understand the Mortgage HELOC Rules before you make your final decision.
How Much Is My House Worth?

By Alpine Credits
Published on December 13, 2022

There are numerous benefits to understanding the value of your home, one of them being the ability to determine an accurate listing price.
How To Get A Loan When You’re Retired

By Lisa Rennie
Published on September 13, 2022

Getting a loan after retirement may seem impossible, but with a little bit of home equity, you can qualify for a loan even after you've retired.
Home Equity Loans For The Unemployed

By Alpine Credits
Published on August 8, 2022

Home equity loan lenders approve applicants based on the value of their houses compared to how much mortgage they have paid off.
Interview With Dave Johnson, Mortgage Broker With Lendmore Financial

By Kira Knox
Published on November 5, 2021

The Loans Canada team recently had the chance to speak with Dave Johnson, mortgage broker with Lendmore Financial, over Zoom.
Renfi Review: Renovation Loans For Canadian Homeowners

By Lisa Rennie
Published on September 10, 2021

Need help financing your home renovations? Check out Renfi; a company committed to helping Canadian homeowners get access to the equity in their homes...
Nuborrow Review

By Lisa Rennie
Published on August 3, 2021

Whether you're looking to get a mortgage, access your home's equity, or improve your credit score, Nuborrow can help.
Where Are Home Prices Heading in 2021?

By Sean Cooper
Published on March 2, 2021

There’s no other way to put it. 2020 was a banner year for real estate in Canada. But where will 2021 take us?
Should I Use Home Equity to Pay Off Debt?

By Fairstone
Published on January 25, 2021

Are you a homeowner? Did you know that If you own your home, you have the option to secure a loan with home equity.
Using a Second Mortgage to Buy a Car

By Bryan Daly
Published on December 23, 2020

Do you want to buy a car? Do you own property? Did you know that a second mortgage is often cheaper than a car loan?
HELOC, Refinance, or Second Mortgage?

By Priyanka Correia
Published on December 21, 2020

HELOC, Refinance or Second Mortgage - what's your best option?
Using Home Equity To Pay Off a Consumer Proposal

By Lisa Rennie
Published on December 17, 2019

Having trouble keeping up with your consumer proposal payments? Did you know that you can tap into your home equity to pay off your proposal early?

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