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Mai Kadeer is a graduate of Concordia University, with a BA in English Literature, with a minor in Law and Society. Mai was a student strategist on the Concordia University Senate (2016), through the Academic Planning and Priorities committee. She has a background in financial budgeting as a board member for non-profit organizations, such as the Quebec Public Interest Research Group and the Concordia Food Coalition. For the past five years, Maidina has worked as a content specialist. Mai is passionate about helping Canadian consumers with financial management and literacy so they can make informed decisions regarding their personal finance.

Articles written by Maidina Kadeer

Quebec 2023 Financial Budget Explained

Quebec just dropped it's budget for the 2023- 2024 year. Here is everything you need to know and how it effects you.

What Is The Tribunal Administratif Du Logement In Québec?

If you rent in Quebec, your rent increases, tenant rights, obligations, and evictions are managed by Tribunal Administratif Du Logement.

7 Ways To Afford Rent: 2023 Housing Market In Quebec

In Quebec, two factors create and sustain the housing crisis within the market. A housing shortage and high-interest rates.

Bill 53: How A Credit Freeze in Canada Might Protect Your Finances From Criminals

The credit freeze act applies to all businesses and lenders in Canada, however, the service is only available for Quebec residents. 

Loans Canada CEO Discusses Household Debt On BNN Bloomberg

Scott Satov examines how the Bank of Canada's 7th consecutive raise of its overnight rate coupled with inflation has affected Canadian household debt ... Read More

Loans Canada Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Dont worry brudder, we're here to celebrate this milestone with everyone whether you have an invitation, or not!

Minimum Monthly Payments On Credit Cards Increase in Québec

The increase is an effort to reduce consumer debt and build consumer consciousness regarding revolving debt fuelled by credit cards. 

How Will The Bank Of Canada’s Interest Rate Hike Affect You?

The interest rates set by the Bank of Canada, also known as the ‘bank rate’, is a key factor in determining the cost of borrowing money.

Personal Loans for Personal Needs with Matthew Giuffrida

Whatever you might need help funding, we are here to help. Find the best personal loans and rates today by using our loan comparison platform.

Listen Up with Matthew Giuffrida

Listen up! Don't waste your time or money. Check out our loan comparison platform for the best rates on loans, for all your needs.

Helping a Friend with Matthew Giuffrida

Don't let yourself get beat by high-interest rates on personal loans. Visit for the best rates.

Loans Canada CEO Scott Satov on Rogers Daytime Ottawa

Scott Satov joins Daytime Ottawa host Derick Fage in lieu of the Bank of Canada’s announcement for plans to raise the national interest rate.

Loans Canada CEO Scott Satov on NewsTalk1010 with David Cooper

Tune in as Loans Canada President and CEO Scott Satov joins David Cooper on NEWSTALK1010 to discuss the Millennial homebuyers boom.  Main Discuss... Read More

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