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Buying Property In The U.S. As a Canadian

Looking to escape the Canadian winters by purchasing a home south of the boarder? We have everything you need to know about buying property in the U.S... Read More

Co-buying: Should You Consider Buying a Home with a Friend?

Did you know that co-buying a house with a friend could help you enter the housing market? Zoocasa is breaking down everything you need to know.

What First-Time Buyers Worry About When Applying For a Mortgage share with us the most common worries that plague first-time home buyers in applying for a mortgage in Ontario.

Single Awareness Day: Buying a Home with a Single Income

Zoocasa breaks down what it means and costs to buy a house on a single income in Canada's major cities.

What Do I Do if Mortgage Rates Increase While I’m Trying to Buy a House?

Sometimes it can take longer than expected to find that perfect house to buy. So what happens when interest rates increase when you're trying to buy a... Read More

6 Homeowner Tax Breaks You Can Benefit From

6 tax breaks that all homeowners should know about.

How to Stress Test Your Mortgage 2018

Mortgage stress tests are coming in 2018 and we want you to be prepared. Here's how you can stress test your own mortgage.

Is Buying a House in Your Future? You Need to do This Now

If buying a house now or in the future in on your radar, you need to read this article. We've compiled everything you need to do to prepare yourself.

Infographic: Rent-to-Own

Did you know you could rent-to-own as a home buying alternative? Check out our awesome infographic to learn how.

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