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Can You Qualify For a Mortgage While in a Consumer Proposal?

Are you currently in the middle of a consumer proposal but thinking about buying a home? This is everything you need to know.

Are You House Poor?

Everything you need to know about being house poor.

Getting a Cosigner For a Debt Consolidation Loan

Considering a debt consolidation loan but aren't sure if your credit is good enough to get approved? A cosigner could be the right solution for you.

How Much Debt Is Too Much? Watch BuyProperly’s Webinar Featuring Loans Canada CEO Scott Satov and Borrowell COO Eva Wong

Watch our CEO and President, Scott Satov, Eva Wong, co-founder & COO at Borrowell and Khushboo Jha, CEO at BuyProperly, discuss the implications of in... Read More

Restarting Your Payments After a Deferral

Deferring payments is a difficult and expensive decision to make. This is why it's so important to have a plan once your payments restart.

How To Pay Off a Credit Card Fast

When it comes to paying off your credit card balance, quicker is always better. Our friends at Fairstone have the tips of need to pay down your credit... Read More

How Do I Voluntarily Surrender My Car?

If you're struggling with car loan debt and are worried about repossession, you may want to consider voluntarily surrendering your car.

What Happens to Your Student Debt After You Die

Ever wonder what happens to your student debt after you die? Does it go away or does it become your family's responsibility? Keep reading to find out.

Paying Off Your Credit Card Balance with a Loan

For those consumers who struggle to pay off their credit card balance, taking out a loan to help cover the cost could be the solution you need.

What Happens When I Can’t Make My Loan Payments?

Read up on some of the consequences of not being able to pay down your debts.

How Creditors Vote On a Consumer Proposal

Did you know that when you file a consumer proposal, your creditors have the right to vote to reject or accept your terms?

Missing Payments & Your Credit Score

What happens if you miss payments on a loan? How does it affect your credit score? Are there any other repercussions? Read on to find out.

Dealing With Debt In a Marriage

While getting married should always be a fun and exciting time in your life, it's also important to think about how money and debt plays an important ... Read More

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