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The Real Cost Of A Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Service

By Lisa Rennie
Published on April 28, 2023

While Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services may be convenient, it does come at a price. Here's what can make BNPL services more expensive than you think.
Are Free Credit Scores The Real Deal?

By Bryan Daly

Wondering if these free credit score services are legit? Find out the catch behind these free credit score services.
Minimum Monthly Payments On Credit Cards Increase in Québec

By Maidina Kadeer

The increase is an effort to reduce consumer debt and build consumer consciousness regarding revolving debt fuelled by credit cards.
British Columbia New High-Cost Credit Rules And Regulations

By Lisa Rennie

Lenders that offer high-cost loan products must now adhere to a more stringent regulatory framework that requires annual licensing and regulation by C...
Beware of Fraudulent Lenders Impersonating Loans Canada

By Caitlin Wood

A note to our clients about fraudulent lending practices and illegal upfront fees.
Are Quebec Car Dealers Charging Illegal Fees?

By Bryan Daly

Car dealerships often overcharge Canadians with hidden fees. But one law firm has taken action in Quebec. Find out what you can do if a car dealer ove...
Borrowing Money To Invest: Is It Worth It?

By Lisa Rennie

Are you thinking about borrowing money to invest? If so, find out how and if borrowing to invest is the right move for you.
Is It Worth Putting Money In A Savings Account In Canada?

By Lisa Rennie

Find out how inflation can affect your savings and whether or not it's worth using a savings account in Canada.

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