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Teaching Canadian consumers to take charge of their finances is no easy task, but the team behind In Charge ( has made it their mission. Using an easy to understand 5 step analysis and their unique ChargeScore, In Charge is looking to empower Canadians to improve their finances and make decisions based on their financial standing and future goals. We spoke to In Charge and got the story behind how it all started.

Let’s start from the beginning, what is and how did you come up with the idea? is a platform where people can learn more about their finances in a personalized way. We analyze individuals and households based on the 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances – Debt, Housing, Resilient Fund, Retirement Plan, and Credit Worthiness. This helps them understand their current financial position in a more objective way with the ChargeScore. Knowing your ChargeScore helps you focus on you, your next steps, and your goals. We empower you with knowledge about your financial self so you can make more educated financial decisions. Can I afford a car? What is the maximum I should be paying? How does this affect my overall finances? These are some of the questions the ChargeScore and can help you answer confidently.

In Charge came about from my need to be in charge of my finances. For me to be in charge, I had to understand my current financial position so I can set goals to achieve them. This struggle really kicked started the journey of defining what it means to look at your finances in a comprehensive way. I want to capture how institutions view me, my ability to be resilient, my future plans, and whether I’m living within my means. This is where the 5 Key Pillars of Personal Finances were born and quickly lead to the ChargeScore that is used to make key financial decisions. 

The name ChargeScore came from our relationship with technology today. When our devices get to 15% charge, we panic, but we know what we should be doing – finding a charger and outlet. In Charge is here to be your charger and the ultimate conduit to resources you need to chart up your finances so you can realize your dream.

What kind of personalized solutions do you provide your clients? 

  • A comprehensive analysis of their overall finances
  • Solutions for each Pillar:
    • Debt reduction
    • House cost management & Home Ownership
    • Resilience Fund goals & resources
    • Retirement Savings Strategies 
    • Credit Worthiness improvement plan
  • Budget guides using the 5 Key Pillars and Zero-Based budgeting together.

Who would benefit the most from your service? 

In Charge and the ChargeScore Assessment would most benefit anyone who wants to be financially stable and independent. We help people build from the ground up, if it feels too late to start, it’s the best time to start! If you think you don’t make enough money for a financial advisor, this is a good check-in point for you. Young Canadians have never been taught how to build a strong financial foundation, along with newcomers to Canada, could benefit most from our service as many feel lost, overwhelmed and confused by their finances. We are here to make it simple, convenient and comprehensive for them so they can be in charge.

How is different from using a financial counsellor or advisor?

Often people walk into a meeting with a financial advisor blind with little to no knowledge of their financial self. This makes it intimidating and scary which then puts all the control of your finances with the financial advisor. In Charge helps level the playing field in those meetings with advisors. With the ChargeScore Report and Assessment, people are empowered in those meetings. It gives them the tools and the ability to maximize their time with the financial advisor by giving them time to focus on the details of the products and how it will truly put them forward vs setting them back.  

How can consumers register to receive a Charge Score and work with an advisor to take charge of their finances? 

Anyone can Pre-Register at and join the countdown to our launch May 2020. The ChargeScore Assessment is totally FREE to everyone registered on our platform because we want all Canadians to be in charge of their finances

Do you have a future goal for

Absolutely! Our first step is to help Canadians understand their current financial position and how they can realize their goals. We will be working hard and diligently to bring key resources to help users feel more confident about their finances and continue to manage them in a simple and comprehensive way. 

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