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A Toronto Startup, RepairMatch, is Finally Fixing the Tedious Task of Taking Your Car to the Shop

A Toronto Startup, RepairMatch, is Finally Fixing the Tedious Task of Taking Your Car to the Shop is a new online startup looking to change the way vehicle owners deal with repairs, maintenance, as well as the way they interact with auto shops. They’re a six-person team based in Toronto, Ontario.

Their mission is to reduce the hassle involved with finding, scheduling and pricing everyday auto repairs and services.

So how does it work?

  • You sign up and put your service needs into the system
  • The price is determined before they contact shops, so there are no surprises
  • RepairMatch anonymously connects your service needs to a very select group of high-quality, pre-vetted shops
  • Once a suitable “match” is found, you are notified with a selection of available times, shop location, it’s rating, etc.
  • You pick a time that works, pay a portion of the price as a deposit to lock in the deal, and you’re set!

“We are seeking to bring innovation and disruption to an industry that has been traditionally more old-school. Mechanics get a bad rap when it comes to trust—if we can help bring more transparency, ease-of-use, and education to the whole process I think folks on both sides of the equation will reap the benefits.” — Jordy Fujiwara, Marketing & Growth,

Redefining a marketplace

A good marketplace ultimately improves things for both the buyer and the seller. In this case, vehicle owners and shops. The auto repair industry is known for being something of a closed marketplace, meaning that pricing, access to supply and service quality has a high amount of variability. Put another way: there’s a serious a lack of consistency!

By moving a large chunk of the process onto the Internet, RepairMatch hopes to modernize the market and improve the experience for everyone.

For the car owner

  • Removal of the search process: no need to research and review multiple shops
  • Transparent and consistent pricing on standard services
  • Additional layer of customer service and feedback
  • Incentivizing and rewarding high-quality shops reduces the risk of shady mechanics

For the shop owner/manager

  • Generates new business
  • Gives more control over what sort of jobs come to the shop
  • Allows them to fill downtime
  • Provides an additional layer of dispute resolution

What does “high-quality” shop mean?

Before becoming a part of the RepairMatch network, a shop must pass (and maintain!) baseline criteria, including:

  • Registry on Google Business
  • Have a review score of four stars or higher (on both Google and RepairMatch’s rating system)
  • Provide a minimum warranty on all parts and labour: 90 days or 5000 km (whichever comes first)
  • RepairMatch visits or calls all their shops to screen for professionalism

The bottom line: convenience

The one thing that we all want more of? Time! And that’s what RepairMatch gives you.

  • Easier to find an appointment that fits into your busy schedule
  • Removes the hassle of trying to find a reputable auto shop
  • Bonus: provides you with an opportunity to save money
  • Allows shop owners to fill in open appointment times in their daily schedules

Speaking of saving money, for a limited time, you’ll get 10% off any service booked through RepairMatch by using the promo code LC10! Try RepairMatch today!

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