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Score-Up — Harnessing The Power of Technology to Boost Credit and Make Financial Goals a Reality For Canadians

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Score-Up — Harnessing The Power of Technology to Boost Credit and Make Financial Goals a Reality For Canadians

Written by Caitlin Wood

Score-Up — Harnessing The Power of Technology to Boost Credit and Make Financial Goals a Reality For Canadians

Through the power of technology, Score-Up is helping Canadian consumers improve and rebuild their credit so that financial goals that were once a dream can become a reality. With its proprietary credit boosting software, that harnesses years of credit data, Score-Up is truly the future of credit improvement in Canada.

We spoke with the team behind Score-Up and got a behind the scenes look at how they are changing the credit building industry and helping Canadians quickly and efficiently improve their credit scores.

To start, can you explain what Score-Up is?

Score-Up is a proprietary credit boosting software subscription – not your ordinary credit building product. Score-Up’s combination of Point Deduction Technology, Credit Monitoring, and Budgeting Software creates a perfect concoction of credit building power. Its use of a personalized credit weight algorithm makes the best impact on your credit through analyzing the right credit data points in real-time to identify those that make the most significant impact—both positively, negatively, and incorrectly—on your credit score.  

How is the Score-Up technology able to accurately predict what actions can help consumers improve their credit?

Score-Up technology is accurately able to predict what actions can help improve their credit with its technology, which is fed with millions of pieces of credit data, collected over the past 15-years, and with the continuation of new data being collected daily. We then can provide you with personalized recommendations on what you need to pay off and when. No more guessing and making random payments to your creditors in the hope your credit score will increase. Instead, Score-Up will tell you what to pay down to get the maximum credit points for your money.

Consumers can choose from 3 different Boost options, do you have any advice for choosing the right option?

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or have monthly sessions with a Score-Up Credit Expert, all our plans are built with all types of budgets in mind. It’s important when choosing your Booster Subscription that you choose one that fits into your budget to ensure each payment is a positive payment to help further build your score. Our Credit Experts are on hand to discuss with you all our options in detail, to help you decide the best plan for you.

Your Booster Loan Subscription is used to pay for your 12-month Score-Up license, meaning we can report every payment to the bureaus each month, further boosting your credit score. 

Most consumers struggling with bad credit are looking to improve their credit score quickly, on average, how long before Score-Up users start to see improvement?

95% of Score-Up users see an improvement in their score in just 30-45 days. Our industry-leading software allows our consumers to learn everything about their credit score and allows us to recommend the best actions to take to achieve that target credit score as quickly as possible. 

Score-Up is actively checking a consumer’s credit report, will this negatively affect their credit score?

Score-Up actively checks a consumer’s credit report using a soft-pull credit inquiry. This allows Score-Up to keep track of how many points the consumer’s credit is improving by and provide real-time recommendations to the user without negatively affecting their credit score. 

What are the benefits of choosing Score-Up over another credit building program?

Unlike other credit repair companies, Score-Up can increase your credit score fast. Traditional credit repair can cost you thousands of dollars and only give you advice or savings loans. Even ‘Free Credit Score’ providers only provide you with limited information about your credit score and can’t correctly identify the exact areas where you can improve. In contrast, Score-Up is the only solution in Canada that uses real data to enhance your credit successfully. Our unique software combines Point Deduction Technology, Credit Monitoring, Errors and Omission Tracking and Target and Budget Simulators to provide real-time, accurate and personalized recommendations to help boost your credit score. 

Is there a certain type of consumer who would benefit the most from Score-Up? 

Score-Up is for anyone and everyone looking to improve and learn about their credit score. Whatever your financial goals are, a good credit score is always a benefit. Your credit score can be a deciding factor on whether you’re approved for a loan, mortgage and sometimes potential landlords and even employers may check your credit score. Our three Booster Premium Subscription options allow consumers to choose the perfect option at a price that suits them. 

Are consumers guaranteed to see an improvement in their credit score?

All Score-Up members are backed by our Booster Brand Promise. If you’ve taken on board our recommendations and displayed good financial habits but still haven’t seen any improvement to your score, our dedicated team will work with you until we’ve seen a positive impact to your credit, at no additional cost.

Score-Up’s Target Score simulator shows how many points you may gain or lose based on a certain action. How accurate are the simulated responses?

The Target Score Simulator shows you the fastest most economical way to reach your target credit score. It finds specific trigger points on your credit bureau and tells you the specific actions to take along with the number of credit points you stand to achieve. This tool will provide you with personalized recommendations on how you can pay off your creditors to achieve the highest score.  

Over the past 15-years, Score-Up has acquired millions of pieces of data and hundreds of thousands of credit reports that have been fed into our Score-Up software – and we are continuing to add to this daily. This helps accurately provide recommendations on how to achieve a Target Score. 

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