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Having a mental or physical disability can make your life difficult and potentially prevent you from earning a sustainable income. This can be particularly problematic in provinces like New Brunswick, where the average cost of living is high in certain areas. 

That’s why the Government offers disability benefits in New Brunswick. Keep reading to learn what these benefits can do for NB residents with disabilities.

Disability Benefits In New Brunswick – Key Takeaways

  • New Brunswick offers personal support and covers certain costs associated with living with a disability. 
  • The program provides those with a disability with home support workers, respite workers, residential facility services, personal support, transportation assistance and much more. 
  • To be eligible for the program you must be a 19-64 year old New Brunswick resident who has a long-term disability that requires regular attention or treatment. 
  • You can apply for the benefits online or via telephone at 1-833-733-7835.

What Is The Disability Support Program In New Brunswick?

The Disability Support Program is a personalized service offered to disabled New Brunswick residents through the government’s Department of Social Development. When approved, it gives the receiver access to different types of support so that they’ll have an easier time taking care of their well-being and living more independently.

What Does The New Brunswick Disability Support Program Cover?

Canadians are lucky to have subsidized healthcare, but certain medical costs don’t qualify for standard health insurance, even if necessary. Here are some of the services the Disability Support Program can cover in New Brunswick: 

  • Home Support Workers. Disability and health employees who make house calls can be relatively expensive to hire when funded privately.  
  • Respite. Disabled persons who require temporary planned or emergency care can use the Disability Support Program to hire professional respite workers. 
  • Residential Facility Services. If a disabled resident needs regular nonmedical supervision, the DSP also covers residential facility costs (family/group care, etc.)   
  • Personal Support & Assistance. Disabled persons can use the DSP to pay for the support or assistance that they need in or outside their own homes. 
  • Community Participation & Involvement Support. Having easy access to the right communities can provide a lot of additional help for disabled residents. 
  • Personal Training & Skills. Disabled people can also use the DSP to get coverage for personal training or education that they need to live and work. 
  • Transportation Support. In this case, the type and amount of transportation coverage the DSP can provide depends on the specific disability a person has.  
  • Technical Supports & Assistive Devices. The DSP can also help pay for technical aid or assistive-living tools that aren’t covered by other programs.

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Are You Eligible For The Disability Support Program In New Brunswick?

As mentioned, only specific disabilities, treatments and expenses qualify for coverage under the Disability Support Program in New Brunswick. Even if you currently have one or more disabilities, you must pass the following requirements to become eligible:

  • Be a resident of New Brunswick.
  • Be at least 19 to 64 years old.
  • Have a long-term disability (This doesn’t include medical conditions that don’t lead to long-term disability and services for helping with addiction such as drugs, gambling, alcohol and nicotine).
  • Have a disability where community involvement, specialty benefits and other support would help you live a healthier, more independent existence.

What Do You Need To Apply For The New Brunswick Disability Benefits?

It’s important to know that the New Brunswick Government and the New Brunswick Association For Community Living (NBACL) could have slightly different application processes. That said, you may need to provide the following elements when you apply for the Disability Support Program through either provider:

  • Medicare Card (proof of name, date of birth, etc.) 
  • Government ID for proof of address (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Bank statements or other proof of income
  • Telephone Number(s)

How Do You Apply For The New Brunswick Disability Benefits?

If you fall within the proper eligibility requirements, you can complete the application process in 3 ways:

  • Alone or with help from a family member/friend
  • Through New Brunswick Canada (by phone, email, post, etc.) 
  • With guidance from an NBACL Independent Facilitator
Apply OnlineApply
Note: Press 3 to speak to a representative about the disability benefits. Be sure to tell the representative you’d like to apply for the Disability Support Program.

What Will Be Assessed?

Once you apply, the program provider will review your case, including the circumstances of your disability and the potential cost of your support(s). While general facilitation services are free, the government employee or facilitator will also inspect your current income to figure out your financial contribution to the program, if any.

The Disability Support Program’s Two-Pronged Service Delivery Model

When applying for the disability benefit in New Brunswick, you’ll have the option of self-managing your case or asking for the aid of a social worker: 

  • Self-Managing: If you apply for the self-managed service delivery model, you’ll eventually have to meet with a department employee for an assessment. The employee will then determine which support(s) suit you best and help you develop your case. Afterward, you’ll be free to manage your service requirements.  
  • Using Aid From A Social Worker: You can also request the alternative support delivery model, which gives you regular support and advocacy from a social worker. Consistently meeting with one of these professionals can make the whole assessment process easier, especially if your disability causes you severe physical or mental limitations.      

If you need help applying for the benefit, check out disability tax credit consultants.

What Happens If You Disagree With The Assessment?

If you aren’t satisfied with the financial contribution, support conditions or eligibility requirements of your Disability Support Program, you can always file a request for an Administrative Review, which allows for a secondary assessment of your case. 

Who Are The NBACL Independent Facilitators? 

The New Brunswick Association For Community Living (NBACL) is a non-profit contracted by the Department of Social Development in NB. The NBACL offers Independent Facilitators. The facilitators are there to personally guide disabled residents toward the best options for their needs and lifestyles. 

An Independent Facilitator can:

  • Work directly with or assist disabled residents and their families.
  • Help develop a plan for the future.
  • Find the necessary support systems (paid and unpaid) on their behalf
  • Help prepare and submit support program applications to the Department of Social Development
  • Refer clients to other types of government, private or community support

Can The New Brunswick Disability Support Program Help Cover Cost To Make Your Home More Accessible? 

The DSP doesn’t cover most large home conversions (ramps, elevators, etc.) or mortgage/rent payments. Similarly, the Disability Support Program does not cover the costs associated with modifying a personal vehicle.

Don’t worry, because the federal and provincial governments both offer programs that help residents cover the cost of repairs and renovations that their home undergoes due to various medical conditions, including chronic disabilities.  

Homeowner Repair ProgramLearn More
Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC)Learn More
New Brunswick Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax CreditLearn More

Applying For The Disability Support Program In New Brunswick?      

The Disability Support Program is available to eligible residents living with disabilities. Keep in mind that if you do not qualify for this specific program there are plenty of other government and community initiatives that can help improve your living situation. Make sure you speak directly with the Social Development Regional Office in your region for help finding the right support. 

Disability Support New Brunswick FAQs

If I move to another province, can I still access my New Brunswick Disability Support program benefits?

Unfortunately, no. If you have become a permanent resident of another province, you will no longer qualify for the Disability Support Program in New Brunswick. Every province/territory offers different disability-based programs, benefits and rates. Once your new residency status is confirmed, check with your regional government and communities to find the right program(s).

How will I receive my Disability Support Program payments?

Disabled New Brunswick residents who qualify for disability support will normally receive monthly payments from the provincial government. The resident can accept their funds via direct deposit or have a trustee/representative collect them. Alternatively, they or their representative can hire a service provider to accept the payments.

What do you need to receive disability benefits in New Brunswick?

To qualify for the Disability Support Program in New Brunswick, you must be a permanent resident, 19 to 64 years old, and have a long-term disability that requires regular attention or treatment.
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