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Over 3.7 million people in Canada live with at least one disability. Approximately 369,000 of those Canadians live in Alberta. All parents face ups and downs with raising children, but parents of children with disabilities face unique challenges. To help support these parents, the government of Alberta provides the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program.

Key Points You Should Know About The Key Family Support For Children With Disabilities (FSCD) Program 

FSCD AlbertaStands for Family Support For Children With Disabilities in Alberta
Services OfferedOffers various types of services to help the growth and development of your child, including but not limited to:
– an aide
– counselling
– respite services
– speech-language pathologist
Eligibility CriteriaYou must have a child living in Alberta who is under 18 and has a disability or health condition that affects their day-to-day lives. 

Family Support For Children With Disabilities (FSCD) Program Explained

The Government of Alberta runs the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program for parents raising children with disabilities. The program gives eligible parents support and services to assist in raising their children. 

Eligibility For The FSCD Alberta Program 

Parents who wish to access the FSCD Program must meet the following criteria:

Age And Residency Criteria:

  • Child is under 18 years old
  • Child is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (you’ll need to provide proof of citizenship/immigration status)
  • Applicant must be the child’s parent or guardian
  • Child resides in Alberta

Disability Criteria

  • Medical diagnosis of a disability due to developmental, physical, sensory, mental or neurological condition/impairment, and/or
  • Health condition impacts the child’s day-to-day activities

What Does The FSCD Alberta Program Offer?

Specifically, the FSCD Program offers support and services to assist parents with the following:

  • Promoting the healthy development of the child
  • Encouraging the child to actively participate in at-home and community activities
  • Maintaining guardianship and making responsible decisions for the child until they are 18
  • Expensive costs of raising a child with a disability. 

Types Of Services Offered By FSCD Alberta

Some examples of the services and supports offered by the FSCD Program include:

  • Counselling
  • Resources for government programs
  • Coordination assistance in accessing support
  • Financial support to purchase clothing, footwear and to purchase medication
  • Respite services
  • Specialized services such as a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist and more.
  • Services of aides who provide personal care and support
  • Assistance in planning for a child’s transition during times of change

What Is The Individualized Family Support Plan?

If your child requires more specialized support, the FSCD program can accommodate that as well. The FSCD program offers an Individualized Family Support Plan where you’ll work with a caseworker to determine your needs. 

This plan is tailored based on:

  • Your child’s and family’s strengths, needs, and priorities
  • Short and long-term goals
  • Strategies, responsibilities, and commitments to reach those goals

If you qualify, a specialized services team will directly work with you and your children to create an individualized plan accounting for your child and family’s strengths, needs, time, priorities, culture and values. 

Check this out to learn more about the Alberta Seniors Benefit.

How To Apply For The Family Support For Children With Disabilities (FSCD) Program

The FSCD Program has a 3-step application process.

1. Fill Out The Online Application

You’ll need to create an account on MyAlbertaSupports. Make sure you review the eligibility criteria before applying. 

2. Gather Your Medical Documents

Documentation must be written by or on behalf of a psychiatrist, physician, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, audiologist, clinical social worker, or psychologist

The documentation must also contain the child’s name and date of birth, diagnosis and related information, and the name of the health professional who made the diagnosis. 

3. Submit Your Application

You can email, mail, or drop off your application at the nearest FSCD office. It’s wise to make copies of your documentation and application for your records. 

An FSCD worker will inform you of your application result within 2 weeks, or request more information. If your application is rejected, the FSCD worker will give you more information about any additional support that might help your situation. If your application is accepted, the FSCD worker will discuss the next steps, as well as describe the kinds of support you’re eligible for. 

Learn more about social assistance in Alberta.

Final Thoughts

Raising a child with a disability can be overwhelming, difficult, and stressful, as parents with children with disabilities face unique challenges. However, programs like Alberta’s FSCD program offer support. Make sure you check out the government of Alberta’s website or get in touch with the FSCD directly for more information. 

FSCD Alberta FAQs


Where can I find a FSCD office near me? 

Whether you have questions or would like to drop off some documents, the government of Alberta has listed all the available FSCD offices. You can also find a FSCD office near you by using their map tool.

How do I qualify for the individualized family support plan?

To qualify for extra help through the individualized family support plan, your child must have a severe disability that drastically limits their ability to function in day-to-day life.

Where can I apply for the FSCD Alberta program? 

You can apply for the FSCD program online. If you’re unable to complete the application online, you can call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992 (780-644-9992 for Edmonton) for assistance.
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