Green Homes and the Future of the Real Estate Market

By Caitlin in Posts

Many Canadians, both those that are involved in the process of selling real estate and those that buy real estate, perceive the market as being not particularly friendly right now, and for good reason. Ever since the real estate bubble bursted on that fateful day there has been little faith in the real estate market. Much of that lack of faith, though, comes from not really understanding how the subprime mortgage crisis began, or how it resulted in the catastrophe that it did. Knowing this will help property buyers and sellers avoid being caught in the mix if such a crisis should occur again in the future. There is another way to ensure a brighter future in the real estate business as well though. Investing in green homes is becoming a popular trend among Canadians these days, and doing so may make your real estate investment more fail proof than investing in your typical real estate property. There are a number of reasons for green homes being so desirable today, and for investment in them being such a smart decision.


Multiple Benefits Come With Buying Green

The biggest reason for choosing to invest in green properties has to do with the multiple benefits of buying green. Individuals who invest in green real estate not only are able to help the environment, but they have the added advantage of saving money in the long run as well. To be sure, living a greener lifestyle greatly reduces the negative effects that an individual or family can have on the environment, but living a greener lifestyle also helps the individual or family reduce the cost of living as well, due to more efficiency being characteristic of green homes. From a buyers perspective, green homes are being sought out more and more and the number of home buyers that seek green properties will likely continue to grow as we advance into the future. For this reason green homeowners truly have an investment in their hands and can profit considerably when it comes time to sell the property and cash in on that investment.


A Healthier Lifestyle

Not only are green homes good for the environment and good for the budget, but they are good for the homeowner as well. This is because most green homes are lacking the chemical based paints and other materials, such as insulation, that are traditionally used in the home building process. When non-toxic materials are used everybody is a little bit healthier. In addition, when it comes to selling a green home this is a great selling point to alert the buyer of as well. Whereas real estate transactions today require notification of possible lead-based paints, the green homes of the future will instead have more positive points associated with the materials used in the home.

Real estate investments are one of the safer investments out there, buy they are investments that must be well thought out if the seller is to make money on such a transaction. With “going green” being so popular these days, a green home seems to be a pretty safe real estate investment in the long run.



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